Category 5 Outdoors - Experience The Surge! features Gulf Coast Outdoor Lifestyle goods designed and developed to last in this unique sub-tropical environment with dynamic seasonal & regional ranges. is your Gulf South Source for Fishing, Hunting, Camping & Outdoor Entertainment apparel, equipment & accessories. Our Online Store features uniquely Category 5 designed Outdoor Sports Shirts, Hats, Visors, to complement our line of boilers, burners, fryers and our ever popular line of Category 5 Fishing Lures. Category 5 Outdoors continues to expand its products with expectations of offering all types of Fishing, Hunting, Camping & Outdoor Entertainment apparel, equipment & accessories, along with NOLA based lifestyle garments. Category 5 Fishing Lures are uniquely developed for many different locations, with our most popular series of lures designed for in-shore Coastal Marshes, Brackish Estuaries and Freshwater Fishing. Each of our 3 inch Manic Mullets, 3 1/2 inch Suicide Croakers, Shrimp Minnows, Suicide Shads, Wicked Worms and Manic Minnow lures come 10 baits per pack, our 4 inch Specialty Suicide Croaker lures come 8 baits per pack and our 6 inch offshore & large Freshwater Fishing lures come 3 baits per pack. Our specially designed Squeel, Mutant Prawn - Nuclear & Mighty Mudbug baits come 6 per pack and our 8 inch Lemon Squeel & 7 1/2 inch Mutant Prawn - Voodoo come in pairs. You'll appreciate how durable our baits are as you enjoy catching your favorite fish and filling your ice chest without having to change your lure as often as some of our competitors.

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The Suicide Croaker is designed as a Natural Baby Croaker Bait Fish in a textured, supple soft plastic featuring a tapering paddle tail with a lifelike body that gives it a very “lively” action fished as a swim bait, jerk bait, on a spinner blade, or slow bounced on the bottom. The colors available are some tried and true and others to represent common bait fish colors like the Cocahoe, Glass Minnows, Storm Minnows and other favorite foods of our favorite fish. The World Series Croaker is designed as a specialty 4 inch Suicide Croaker Bait to attract the biggest Trout & Redfish of the year as they move into the marshes during the time of the World Series each year.

The Shrimp Minnow is designed to give our favorite Coastal Game Fish the best of both worlds with its unique Shrimp Head morphing to a Mud Minnow featuring a tapered paddle tail. This unique design is effective using a wide variety of presentation techniques, including under a popping cork, cast & retrieved as a swim bait, manipulated as a jerk bait, on a spinner blade, or slow bounced on the bottom. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself filling the ice chest with every species under the Sun, especially in Brackish water conditions. Speckled Trout, Redfish, Flounders, Black Drum, BASS, Spanish Mackerel and more have all been known to find this Missing Link irresistible.

The Split Tail Shrimp is designed to provide the Marsh Angler with the advantage as he seeks out his favorite species. The unique legs created by splitting the tail in half creates a tantalizing presentation that no predator of the shallows can pass up. The presentation is strictly up to the angler, with incredible results being reported under a popping cork throughout the marshes of the Gulf Coast and as far up the East Coast as the Carolinas & Chesapeake Bay.

The Tiger Bait is designed as a Natural Croaker Bait Fish with Tiger Minnow characteristics. The Tiger Bait is a 4 inch textured, supple soft plastic featuring a tapering paddle tail with a lifelike body that gives it a very “lively” action fished as a swim bait, jerk bait, on a spinner blade, or slow bounced on the bottom. Flounder, Trout, Redfish, Snook and Mackerel find this bait irresistible The colors available are represent bait fish in colors like the Big Easy, Red Stick, Champ, Headhunter and other favorite foods of our favorite fish.

The Rick-A-Doodle is designed as a specialty 4 inch Croaker Bait with a textured, supple soft plastic segmented body featuring a tapered paddle tail with a lifelike head and dorsal body section and a very “lively” segmented back & tail highlighted by its alternating segments ending in a swim paddle tail. The Big J is designed as a specialty 4 inch Croaker Bait featuring a 1 ½ inch curly tail to get the attention of the trophy fish that lurk beneath. This bait is fished as a swim bait, jerk bait, on a spinner blade, tandem rigged or slow bounced on the bottom. The Lu-Lu is designed as a specialty 4 inch Croaker Bait featuring a double swim tail to emulate the action of a shad in flight from the top predators Coastal & Freshwater Anglers seek. This bait is fished as a swim bait, jerk bait, on a spinner blade or slow bounced on the bottom.

The Ladyfish is designed as a favorite of Coastal Marsh Game Fish including Trout, Redfish, Flounder and Bass found in Brackish Marsh waters as well. This unique bait is a dead ringer for storm minnows found darting in and out of marsh grasses and through pylons under lights. The Chartreuse Yellow Tail is outlined in Chartreuse Green, which is something that our favorite fish just can not let swim by. This bait features favorite bait fish colors of Ladyfish & Glassy Lady, representing storm minnows and glass minnows.

The Suicide Shad is a lifelike Menhaden bait fish in both the 3 ½ inch variety and the offshore 6 inch size, both of which elicit a primal response by top predators. This bait is used to catch prized Stripers & Bass in reservoirs, Redfish, Trout & Flounders in-shore and Tarpon, Tuna & Snapper offshore.

The Manic Minnow is a paddle tailed mud minnow that is built like a cocahoe minnow, but also has storm minnow characteristics to entice those big Reds to strike whether they are hungry or not. This 3 ½ inch lure comes in colors representing storm minnows “Stormy”, rain minnows “Rainmaker” and other favorites like the Black & Gold “Frontman.”

The Manic Mullet is a juvenile finger mullet replica that is commonly found in saltwater, brackish and even some freshwater habitats. There is nothing swimming that won’t find this 3 inch paddle tailed morsel interesting for dinner. Use it on a ¼ jighead, leaded hook, tandem rig or free line it for best results.

The Squeel is a 3 ½ inch hybrid that is a Mule Trout’s dream come true as it is a Squid with and Eel-Squid body & head. It’s big brother, the Lemon Squeel is destined to be every Cobia Fisherman’s best friend as this 8 inch offshore bait will be just too good to pass up for these top trophy fish.

The Mutant Prawn is a lively replica of a 4 inch Coastal & Freshwater Mantis Shrimp that also features a tantalizing 8 inch offshore bait that is sure to drive those trophies to burst through the water as they attack this strangely familiar food source. These baits feature a large grey fade to pearl body with chartreuse green & yellow legs and tentacles, as well as other wild variations in the “Nuclear” and “VooDoo” colors.

The Knight King is a lifelike Cigar Minnow featuring an oversized swim paddle tail that will drive the Kings crazy. Whether you’re targeting King Mackerel or Silver King’s, these 6 inch deep sea delicacies are bound to delight those who target these species.

The Offshore 6 inch Mullet baits are created to deliver those Tuna, Wahoo, Marlin and more to the serious angler chasing these top predators. The Flying Finger Mullet is a hybridized Flying Fish & Mullet marvel that will create significant movement with its large paddle tail and extended wings. The Fighting Finger Mullet is a lifelike mullet bait that features a blood streamer from the tapered tail, simulating a wounded bait fish following a scrape with a predator. The Maniacal Mullet features a blood streamer protruding from just behind the gill as this bait fish may have survived the battle only to bleed out for the next predator to locate and devour.

The Missing Link is a 6 inch Shrimp Minnow designed to represent a 10 -15 count White Shrimp morphing to a large bait fish with paddle tail. This unique design is effective using a wide variety of presentation techniques, and is used both Offshore and by those targeting Record Breaking Speckled Trout, Redfish, BASS and Stripers far & wide.

The Wicked Worm is a 6 inch hybridized segmented worm with curly tail featuring a leach-like head with protruding hood to create a very dynamic look for unsuspecting Bass. This unique bait comes in a variety of colors including “Spicy”, “Habanero”, “Tiger Blood” and “Chili Peppers”.

The Mighty Mudbug is one of the most life-like crawfish baits on the market today. It features an open cavity for easy insertion of vibration & sound rattles. The claws float as if in a defensive posture and the tail is subtly segmented with the tail fan constructed to create additional movement to simulate a crawfish fleeing a predator. Featured colors are “Canario”, “Gomera” and “Sangria.”